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Number of oviposited/produced eggs per mosquito female

  • Raw data: colon separated values (ASCII file)

  • country place long lat M1 YYY1 M2 YYY2 EGGave EGGmin EGGmax species note Refs
    Tanzania Kilimanjaro region -999.00 -99.00 -8 -8 -8 -8 12.6 -8.0 -8.0 laboratory; small females; blood meal size: 1.0 µl Takken et al. 1998
    Tanzania Kilimanjaro region -999.00 -99.00 -8 -8 -8 -8 108.6 -8.0 -8.0 laboratory; large females; blood meal: rat once Takken et al. 1998
    Tanzania Michenga 36.63 8.17p -8 1991 -8 1991 150.0 66.0 290.0 laboratory; indoor resting females; y=133.93x-187.00 (note: the value of the y-intercept disagrees with the inserted line in Fig. 3 in the reference article); x range: 2.5-3.3 mm Lyimo and Takken 1993
    Tanzania Michenga 36.63 8.17p -8 1991 -8 1991 111.0 48.0 178.0 laboratory; newly emerged females; y=89.13x-152.96 Lyimo and Takken 1993
    Gambia, The Kaba Kamma -999.00 -99.00 07 1993 08 1993 -8 20.0 180.0 laboratory; indoor resting females; y=46.67x-56.7, x range: 2.5-3.3 mm Hogg et al. 1996
    Gambia, The Kaba Kamma -999.00 -99.00 07 1993 08 1993 -8 5.0 160.0 laboratory; indoor resting females; y=66.72x-125.68; x range:. 2.7-3.3 mm Hogg et al. 1996


    countrycountry of the study site
    placename of the location of the study site
    longlongitude [°??E]; -999.00: position unknown
    latlatitude [°??N]; -99.00: position unknown; sources of latutude/longitude: a: Hay et al. 2005a, b: Hay et al. 2000b, p: taken from the paper, m: published map, i:
    M1month of the study start
    YYY1year of the study start
    M2month of the study end
    YYY2year of the study end
    EGGaveaverage number of produced eggs per female mosquito
    EGGminminimum observed number of produced eggs
    EGGmaxmaximum observed number of produced eggs
    speciesmosquito species
    NArefers to data that was not available in the reference
    ?the question mark refers to references that were not checked, since they were not available


    y denotes the number of produced eggs and x stands for the wing length [mm].
    Minimum and maximum values refer to individual analysed mosquito females.