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AMMAAfrican Monsoon Multidisciplinary Analysis
bmosquito-to-human transmission efficiency, i.e. the roportion of sporozoite-positive mosquito bites which infect susceptible people
chuman-to-mosquito transmission efficiency, i.e. the proportion of mosquito bites on infectious humans which infect susceptible mosquitoes
CLINOCLImatological NOrmals for the period 1961 to 1990
CMCClinical Malaria Cases
CRUClimatic Research Unit
CSPRCircumSporozoite Protein Rate
CSPRaannual mean circumsporozoite protein rate
Dgdegree days of the gonotrophic cycle
DgHDg regarding humid conditions
DgLDg regarding dry conditions
DMNNational Weather Service (in French: "Direction de la Météorologie Nationale")
DWDGerman Weather Service (in German: "Deutscher WetterDienst")
ECHAMEuropean Centre HAmburg Model
ECMWFEuropean Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts
EGGnumber of produced mosquito eggs
EIREntomological Inoculation Rate
EIRddaily entomological inoculation rate
EIRmmonthly entomological inoculation rate
EIRaannual entomological inoculation rate
FEVPREVprevalence of fever
ERA40ECMWF 40 year ReAnalysis
FAOFood and Agriculture Organization
GAMEGAMEtocyte prevalence
GAMEaannual averaged gametocyte prevalence
GAMEmin,aannual minimum gametocyte prevalence
GAMEmax,aannual maximum gametocyte prevalence
GCMGeneral Circulation Model
GFgametocyte fraction
GHCNGlobal Historical Climatology Network
GLCCGlobal Land Cover Characteristics
GSODGlobal Surface Summary of Day
GTOPO30Global TOPOgraphic Data with a horizontal grid spacing of 30 arc seconds
HadCM2Hadley Centre Coupled Model, version 2
HadCM3Hadley Centre Coupled Model, version 3
HBIHuman Blood Index
HBRHuman Biting Rate
HIAHuman Infectious Age
IRDInstitute for Research and Development (in French: "Institut de Recherche pour le Développement")
IPCCIntergovernmental Panel on Climate Change
KNMIRoyal Netherlands Meteorological Institute (in Dutch: "Koninklijk Nederlands Meteorologisch Instituut")
LMMLiverpool Malaria Model
MALDMALaria Deaths
MARAmapping MAlaria Risk in Africa project
MCDWMonthly Climatic Data of the World
MDMMARA Distribution Model
MEMMalaria Equilibrium Model
MEWSMalaria Early Warning Systems
MOSQnumber of adult MOSQuitoes
MPI-OMMax-Planck-Institute Ocean Model
MRRmosquito Mark-Release-Recapture technique
MSMMARA Seasonality Model
MMAmosquito mature age
MTmosquito trickle
NDVINormalised Difference Vegetation Index
NGONon-Governmental Organisation
NOAANational Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration
pddaily survival probability of female mosquitoes
pd-schememosquito survival scheme
PRParasite Ratio/PRevalence
PRaannual mean parasite ratio/prevalence
PRmmonthly mean parasite ratio/prevalence
PRmin,aannual minimum parasite ratio/prevalence
PRmax,aannual maximum parasite ratio/prevalence
PREC/LPrecipitation REConstruction over Land
REMOREgional MOdel
RBMRoll Back Malaria
rhuman recovery rate
R0basic Reproduction number of malaria
RHRelative Humidity
RHTRainfall Humidity Threshold, i.e. the 10-day accumulated precipitation amount in mm
RRmmonthly precipitation amount
RRaannual precipitation amount
RRrainfall laying multiplier
RRΣ10ddecadal precipitation amount, i.e. the 10 day accumulated precipitation
RR3m3-month moving averaged monthly precipitation (the two preceding and the actual month are used)
SARRatio between Sexual and Asexual parasite prevalence, i.e. the proportion of malaria parasite positive humans that are gametocytaemic [%]
SARaannual averaged ratio between sexual and asexual parasite prevalence [%]
SARmin,aannual minimum ratio between sexual and asexual parasite prevalence [%]
SARmax,aannual maximum ratio between sexual and asexual parasite prevalence [%]
Seaslength of the malaria season, i.e. the number of months during the year that are suitable for malaria transmission
SSeasstart of the malaria season, i.e. the first month of the malaria transmission season
ESeasend of the malaria season, i.e. the last month of the malaria transmission season
SRESSpecial Report on Emissions Scenarios
Tdaily mean temperature
Tg:temperature threshold of the gonotrophic cycle
TgHTg regarding humid conditions
TgLTg regarding dry conditions
Tmmonthly mean temperature
Taannual mean temperature
T3m3-month moving average temperature (the calculation includes the two preceding and the actual month)
Tminminimum temperature
Tmin,mmonthly minimum temperature
Tmin,aannual minimum temperature
Tmaxmaximum temperature
Tmax,mmonthly maximum temperature
Tmax,aannual maximum temperature
Tssporogonic temperature threshold
UKMOUnited Kingdom Meteorological Office
UOVUpper Ouémé Valley
USGSUnited States Geological Survey
VCVectorial Capacity
WHOWorld Health Organization
WMOWorld Meteorological Organization
zgeometrical height
σ(X)standard deviation regarding the variable X
ΔXdifference with regard to variable X between different periods or scenarios